The “Help Build Food Security in South Fairbanks “project is a collaborative, community-based effort that puts food security in the hands of residents in the most food insecure neighborhood in Fairbanks. YOU can help support food production & build food security in South Fairbanks! In solidarity with this neighborhood, Bread Line, Calypso Farm & The Folk School are working together to put food security in the hands of residents of South Fairbanks, the most food insecure neighborhood in Fairbanks — & we need your help.

The project builds upon existing urban garden projects and educational activities. Calypso Farm, the Bread Line and the Folk School are working together on this project in solidarity with the south Fairbanks neighborhood. The Bread Line and Calypso both operate large urban gardens within walking distance of one another. This project coordinates and expands these gardens with critical infrastructure support provided by the Folk School Fairbanks.

Project partners are working together to provide education and resources for home gardeners in the neighborhood. Support includes a tool lending program and accessible classes in gardening, cooking garden produce and preserving the harvest. All tool lending and classes will be held in the neighborhood.

Calypso is launching an on-the-job training program for youth aged 16-24 at the existing Hunter Elementary School Garden. The young people receive training in agriculture, cooking with garden produce, teaching home gardening workshops and food justice advocacy. All partners will provide education components and employment opportunities for the youth.

With your support, a future can be built where home gardens & urban farms thrive, all people have access to fresh food & young people help pave the way as agricultural leaders.

This is a collaborative effort & funds will be split 40% each to Bread Line & Calypso & 20% to the Folk School. Right now, over $4,000 have been raised so far & we are getting closer every day. All funds raised will help provide neighborhood residents with access to fresh, locally grown food, educational & employment opportunities & pathways for local youth to grow into leaders.
Your tax-deductible donation can be made in 3 ways:
3. Or by mailing a check to Calypso Farm: PO Box 106, Ester, AK 99725


THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support, Fairbanks!! ❤️