Our friend, Jody, shared part of a caribou she got with the soup kitchen & the chefs got straight to it, processing the meat & rendering bones into soup stock. It’s a lot of good work & we feel very blessed to receiv this gift. Thank you land, thank you caribou, thank you Jody, thank you chefs! This donation, between two of programs, served well over 100 people a rich, hearty caribou stew that was a VERY big hit with everyone.
Alaskans have a lot of good questions about donating game meat & the DEC provides very clear guidelines (& a great further reading list) of what we are & are not allowed to accept. The Bread Line’s professional chefs are well trained in how to handle all types of donated food. If you have any questions about how to donate to the Bread Line, call our office at 907-452-1974!