Stone’s Throw

Stone’s Throw culinary training empowers people overcoming challenges to change their lives through job readiness training & skills development opportunities.

Stone’s Throw is a 12-week, two-tier training program supported by the Alaska Mental Health Trust, the Rasmuson Foundation, Tanana Chiefs Conference, the Department of Labor, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Adult Learning Programs of Alaska.

Stones Throw Culinary Job Training Program, Fairbanks, Alaska

Teaching Critical Success Skills

Stone’s Throw recognizes that education is critical to career development. The program focuses on culinary technical skills, food safety training, & “life skills” such as interpersonal interaction & coachability, which are necessary for success in the workforce.

Along with the technical skills of success, Stone’s Throw teaches “soft skills” essential to obtaining and maintaining employment.

Still have questions or just want to talk to someone? Here’s how you can learn more about the program:

The Stone’s Throw has an open house at noon on the FIRST FRIDAY of each month to introduce interested applicants to the program. The open house is at the Bread Line Inc., 507 Gaffney Road – the home of Stone Soup Cafe and Stone’s Throw.

Contact us by calling 452-1974, or fill out the “Contact Chef Instructor” form.

You can also submit an application and someone will be in contact with you within 10 days.

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Stone's Throw, Fairbanks, Alaska
Stone's Throw participants in Fairbanks, Alaska

Chef Instructors

Danielle Flaherty

Danielle Flaherty

Program Manager

Sara Sedriks

Sara Sedriks

Chef Instructor

Liann Peryea

Liann Peryea

Production Chef