Bread Line expresses gratitude
to our community for support
surpassing all expectations


Bread Line is incredibly thankful for all of the generous donors and volunteers in our community who share their gifts and time to make all of our programs possible.

Gracious donations of food, supplies, money and time allow us to pursue our mission:  To inspire community collaboration, feed people in need and to affirm the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors.

There are many more individual and business donors and volunteers beyond those named on this page who are deserving of our thanks. Please forgive us for those we have omitted.  Feel free to contact us about giving recognition where it is due.

Donors and Volunteers support Breadline



Thank You Volunteers!

We are grateful to the many volunteers who help us in our work, so many that we cannot thank them all by name. The names below are our ‘core’volunteers, the ones who come week after week, all year long to all of them we say “thank you”.

Mary Lou Jorissen

Clare Hill

Patti Picha

Trish Stark

Lynn Basham

Deb Hickok

Sonja Benson

Melissa Hummel


Sean Rolig

Ricky Mutchler

Mary Kovis-Watson

Micheline Patterson and family

Donita Lawhead


Pat Lambert

Ritchie Musick

Nancy Bayer

Elle Fournier

Louise Bishop

Sonja Benson

Carter Davis

Roger Smith



Ruth Anne Walker

Giving Thanks

Share Your Gratitude

Community members, volunteers, and all who benefit from Bread Line programs can share your message of thanks here.

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12 entries.
email wrote on April 24, 2020:
function your emancipated gravity so a soup user can text another soup user in a other than publicly bled posting see a newspaper for that any one up for giving out their cell phone number like me 9077996433
Sarah wrote on January 18, 2020:
I'm grateful for Heather's signage for the 2020 soup off!
Sarah Stanley wrote on November 5, 2018:
I'm grateful for being a part of that I can share with people I meet that there is a place for warm delicious food every day, shared with community at 507 Gaffney.
Sarah Stanley wrote on May 8, 2018:
I’m grateful for new friendships and collaborators!
Sarah wrote on January 6, 2018:
I'm thankful for Soup on this cold January Day.
Sarah wrote on November 14, 2017:
I’m grateful for support and love.
Sarah Stanley wrote on September 23, 2017:
It's a Saturday morning in September and I just saw the fun parade car that Micheline and Heather did. I love how Stone Soup is meaningful to so many. Thank you to Fairbanks for the creativity and love for all!
Jennifer wrote on March 8, 2017:
I'm so thrilled at the smiling faces, the wonderful food, the wonderful people who make Bread Line Stone Soup the extraordinary place it is. Thanks all.
John wrote on November 18, 2016:
I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Jolis, the outgoing Executive Director of Bread Line, Inc. Her energy and dedication to Bread Line's mission are amazing.
Hannah wrote on November 17, 2016:
This place is amazing - it is hard to believe HOW many programs are running from one small space!

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