Is this program right for me?

A very common question from prospective applicants is some form of: “is this program for me?” Our answer: this program was primarily created for people who have barriers to employment. That means people with criminal records, spotty work histories, less formal education, looking to change industries, or young people that don’t have any work experience. This program is specifically designed to be inclusive of people from all walks of life which also includes people that just want to learn how to be a good cook, from a commercial perspective.

One of the program’s proudest features is that we have yet to find a barrier that we can’t work with. As long as the student wants to put in the work that it takes to be in the class, we can accommodate them. We encourage people to not rule themselves out of the program for any life circumstance until they call us first.  We are here to help and support! 

What will I get from the program?

Stone’s Throw graduates leave the program with many tools, certificates, and certifications that are sure to catch the eye of any hiring manager.

Alaska Food Workers Card: Required for all food handlers in the state of Alaska. This is completed on your first day in the program.

ServSafe Food Handler: Nationally recognized food handler/food safety certification which is accepted in many states. 

ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification: Nationally recognized certification in food safety and food safety management.  In Alaska, every certified kitchen must have at least one individual with this certification.

Professional Knife Kit: Show employers that you’re a professional by arriving at work with your own professional knife kit.

Letter of Reference: From one of our Chef Instructors who has worked with you through the 13 weeks of class.

Certificate of Completion: Stone’s Throw is quickly becoming recognized throughout Fairbanks as a place where quality employees are trained. Your Certificate of Completion shows that you have put in the hard work and know how to handle yourself in a professional kitchen.

What will class be like?

Although alumni will tell you that this course is very rigorous, all of them will tell you that it was worth it.

Life Skills

Stone’s Throw focuses on the student as a whole person, not just as a kitchen employee. “Life skills” is more than a class, it’s a theme that runs through the entire program. The end goal of teaching life skills is to help students take control of the things they can control and let go of the things they cannot. Through this, Stone’s Throw hopes to train employees that can confidently walk into an interview, joyfully go to work, bravely face conflict, and so much more.

Kitchen Skills

Thirteen weeks is a short time to cover all of the skills needed to be kitchen ready. In order to cover everything and accommodate different learning styles, kitchen education is broken into class time and hands on learning. Most days are split evenly between class time and kitchen time during the first half of the course. During the second half of the course, students will be getting real experience in production and catering.


Stone’s Throw taught me so much more than cooking.


Instead of just saying I’m a cook, I now have the credentials to back it up which gave me more job opportunities.

Life Expenses During The Program:

It is recommended that people do not hold a job while they are attending the program due to the rigorous nature and the rigid hours of the program. Often, students apply for additional resources through outside agency funders (such as Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Department of Labor, or tribal agencies) for things such as food, child care, housing, transportation and help with uniform expenses. Stone’s Throw staff can advise applicants on where and how to access resources.