We sure are thankful for commUNITY! This year, the Fairbanks Kiwanis Club donated to generously cover the cost of a huge Thanksgiving Breakfast at the Bread Line’s weekday soup kitchen, the Stone soup Cafe! With the Kiwanis’ help, we were able to buy enough country ham & fresh eggs (with ALL the trimmings) to make an extra special meal for all our guests this morning. Chef Matt worked extra hard to make today’s meal a feast.
Folks often ask if we’re going to do a classic Thanksgiving meal at the soup kitchen & our answer is no – other social service agencies in Fairbanks provide that exact meal on the same day. A common joke at the Stone Soup Cafe is, “dinner, it’s what’s for breakfast!” It’s true that our hot meals are frequently what might be considered a dinner entree & there are several reasons for this. One is that the folks we serve are often forced to stay up all night, to keep moving in order to stay warm – for them, breakfast IS dinner. Also, we make meals with donated food. Premium breakfast items like eggs, bacon & country ham are not donated as often as other foods. This is what makes the Fairbanks Kiwanis Club‘s donation so meaningful – it allowed Chef Matt to buy the ingredients to make breakfast for breakfast!
The local volunteers & donors who make this work possible bring gratitude to our every day. All of the Bread Line’s anti-hunger work is made possible through strong community support & the solidarity of building a better tomorrow, for everyone, together.
Thank you, Kiwanis & thank you, Fairbanks!