Do you know about the Golden Heart Community Foundation? The GHCF is building an endowment with community donations to support causes that Interior Alaskans care about… the Bread Line is one of those!
People come to the Bread Line for help every day. Our staff & volunteers give out all the personal hygiene items we can source through local donations because everyone deserves to be able to keep their body clean. The Golden Heart Community Foundation helped meet our mission of “feeding people & affirming lives” by funding the purchase of menstrual products & water-free body wipes.
Being able to freely provide menstrual products at the soup kitchen is one tool against human suffering. Together, we have been able to help hundreds of Fairbanksans feel safer in their own bodies. The GHCF gave tangible support to a sensitive subject with dignity & respect. We are so grateful for this generous grant & all the good it has provided.
Our gratitude goes out to EVERYONE who gives through the Golden Heart Community Foundation for making this possible!