In his 2023 Annual Letter to Alaska, Adam Gibbons, the Rasmuson Foundation’s Board Chair said:
“I challenge each of us to stop by Bread Line or another Alaska nonprofit we drive or walk past every day & thank the team delivering services to our communities.”
The Rasmuson Foundation is a champion of “promoting a better life for Alaskans.” The Foundation acts as a catalyst for change; helping Alaskans help themselves through philanthropy & opportunity. We are touched to be mentioned in the Foundation’s Annual Letter & deeply grateful for the incredible support the foundation has shown the Bread Line’s anti-hunger efforts through the years. The Rasmuson Foundation outfitted the Bread Line with commercial kitchen equipment when we first purchased our current facility. They also have supported our very successful culinary job training program, funded new security doors for our building & even helped replace the glass when someone threw a rock through our biggest window a few years back! To read the Rasmuson Foundation‘s Annual Letter to Alaska, click here! The Bread Line is small but mighty, thanks to the many commUNITY hands that make this big work possible. Thank you ALL for #FeedingFairbanks with us.

Read the Rasmuson Foundation’s 2023 Annual Letter to Alaska