The Bread Line team is VERY excited to release our 2021 Annual Report!


It is important that supporters of our anti-hunger mission to “feed people & affirm lives” see where there donations are going, know the impact they’re making locally & understand what our current projects look like. None of the Bread Line’s work is possible without the support of our commUNITY. Without you lifting up these harm reduction efforts & helping make sure that everyone has enough to eat, the Bread Line would not be where it is today! To help share this information, the Bread Line team created the 2021 Annual Report to reflect recent times at our organization. Inside, you’ll find updates on the success & challenges of our programs, financials & learn about our staff, donors & volunteers.

The past few years have been difficult, but the Bread Line is thriving because Fairbanks believes in this work. Thank you for getting us through the pandemic, for showing up in all the ways that you do & for caring about our community enough to do something for those who are struggling. Fairbanks is the “Golden Heart City” because of you. Thank you.